The Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre

Project Owners
Expoforum Company
62-64, Peterburgskoe shosse, Saint-Petersburg
Gross Internal Area
171 125 sq. m
31 311 sq. m
Business centres
30 124 sq. m
Congress centre
28 063 sq. m
Exhibition pavilions
52 437 sq. m
SPEECH, nps tchoban voss
Head of the Authors Team
Evgeny Gerasimov, Sergei Tchoban
Chief Project Architect
V.F. Khivrich, A.M. Perlich, V. Kashirina, I. Markov
I. Minniev, A. Bukina, N. Dmitrieva, M. Ramenskaya, E. Savchenko, I. Filimonova, D. Zaitsev, M. Borisyuk, G. Shumskaya, E. Osipova, E. Appolonova, E. Budylina (Evgeny Gerasimov & Partners LLC)

A. Perlich, T. Lokteva, E. Mashkov, I. Aparin, A. Popova, D. Tolstova, T. Lyubimova, A. Tumanyan, E. Pluzhnik, S. Orekhova, I. Filatov, A. Kornikova, A. Khmelenin, G. Shashkin, M. Rasskazov, Yu. Lavrov (SPEECH)

K. Ozan, D. Dietz, H. Töpper, R. Schwarzweller,
I. Schwarzweller, S. Grishkat, R. Hoch (nps tchoban voss)
Chief Structural Engineer
Margarita Reznichenko
Structural Engineers
N. Alekseeva, D. Astapchik, Т. Belova, D. Grigoryev, E. Egorova, M. Inger, T. Lebedeva, E. Nikitina, A. Koblov, Т. Kompanets, S. Perepelkin, E. Panteleeva,
E. Yakovleva, V. Antonov, S. Kuchin, V. Pavlenko, A. Sharygin (Evgeny Gerasimov & Partners LLC)

M. Trofimov, V. Rosenfeld (Ferumprom Ltd.)

I. Tomovich, F. Fontaine, S. Alyoshivec, S. Juppen, R. Behmann
(LLC Werner Zobek Moscow)
OJSC "Projectservice" - St. Petersburg PTI
Chief Project Utility Engineer
A.V. Taborsky, A.V. Krynin, N.Yu. Nechaev
Dmitry Chebanenko
Architectural Model


Expoforum has a vivid modernist style. The amber color of the façades has become an outstanding feature of the complex, being preserved regardless of the finishing materials used.

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What is there that Saint Petersburg residents do not know about Expoforum
Expoforum is not only about business events: it is a venue for the whole family to attend, hosting sports competitions, musicals, concerts, festivals, and fairs.
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The Amber Arrow
Expoforum, the Saint Petersburg’s long-awaited conventional and exhibition centre that had provoked so many disputes, has finally been built, commissioned, and already operates widely.
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A diploma of the Kachestvennaya Arckhitektura (Architecture of Quality) 2018 project. For a creative participation in the development of Russian architecture of quality.