The most beautiful new buildings in St. Petersburg
Rosettes appeared on the facade of the Futurist house, referring to the patterns on Soviet cookies from a local bakery
The art-deco residential buildings create a rhythmic composition around a constructivist landmark, that being the former Levashovsky Bread Factory
Architectural Biennale 2022
Biennale Architecture of Saint Petersburg
The first monograph about the architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky got the Golden sign on The XXX International Festival of Architecture "Zodchestvo 2022"
"Architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky" Golden sign in review-competition "The best printed publication about architecture and architects"
Three in one
The house on Telezhnaya Street, just a few steps from Nevsky Avenue, built by the project of the workshop «Evgeny Gerasimov and partners», is visually divided into three independent objects. In this way architects preserve the scale of the historic street and overcome the shortcomings of the stretched area.
Interview with Evgeny Gerasimov about the book dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the workshop and the plans for the future
10 questions to the architects of the architectural workshop Evgeny Gerasimov and partners
The snow on the red surface
The house on Mirgorodskaya Street, designed by Evgeny Gerasimov's workshop, completes the ensemble of the square around the Feodorovsky Cathedral and tells three stories: about Russian antiquity, classical St. Petersburg and modern architecture in their context.
Tuchkov Buoyan and the Court
For a week the people of St. Petersburg have been concerned by the cancellation of the project "park Tuchkov buoyan". In the absence of any reliable official information, we talked about the situation to the architects working on the park and the judicial quarter - Nikita Yaveyn and Yevgeny Gerasimov.
A Flyover in Water Colour
In June, it will be architect Vasilkovsky’s 100th anniversary. The architect participated in one of the first projects of the Workshop, the Ushakovskaya Interchange flyover. We share our memories of Vasilkovsky and our collaboration, as well as a variety of handmade sketches of Ushakovskaya, which might demonstrate the creative work process from within.
Olga Vasileva Exhibition
May 19 to June 6, an exhibition of lithographs by Olga Vasilyeva dedicated to Vasilyevsky Island will take place in the Molbert gallery, with the support of Yulia and Evgeny Gerasimov. Here is a movie on creating lithographs.
A Binary Opposition
At Tverskaya street in Saint Petersburg, almost in front of each other, two residential buildings have been constructed that are antipodes in terms of style. This is an extraordinary situation, not only for our workshop, but perhaps for the city as a whole (at least if you take the 21st century). A new article at archi.ru describes the buildings in detail.
Yan Antonyshev Drawings Exhibiton
March 5 to 28, an exhibition of Yan Antonyshev’s drawings will take place at the Saint Petersburg Museum of 20th and 21st Century Art, showing works from Evgeny Gerasimov’s collection and that of the Museum. This is the link to a movie about the artist by Elena Okopnaya.
How Architectural Concepts for a New Premium Location are being Born
On the Petrovsky island in Saint Petersburg, the SetlCity company has been constructing three residential complexes along the designs by our workshop. The Petrovsky Kvartal Na Vode has been already commissioned, The One is under construction, and the design of the Grand View is under development, while the façades of the latter are to define the shape of the Petrovskaya square. RBK has published an article on the architectural ensemble.
Evgeny Gerasimov: Urban Planning Reasons Giving Way to the Political Ones
Archi.ru has talked to the architect of the Sudebny Kvartal on the destiny of the Tuchkov Buyan as an urban planning project: on the long series of contests and concepts, the disadvantages of the future park, and the alternative that is still possible.
Urban Awards 2020
The results of the Urban Awards 2020 contest were announced in Moscow. Two projects by the Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners Workshop reached the finals: the Institutsky 16 as the “Luxury Residential Complex of the Year” and the Residential Complex LEGENDA Geroev — as the “Best Comfort Class Residential Complex Under Construction”. Congratulations!
Architecture is a Mirror of the Society’s Development
The New Prospekt website has published a long interview with Evgeny Gerasimov. Not only did the architect talk about his profession and its today situation, but also revealed his own plans as a developer and talked on his exhibitions and publishing projects, explaining why he was into it all.
The Siege Graphics by Solomon Yudovin Exhibition Wins the Golden Diploma at the Golden Trezzini Contest
On December 1, the awards ceremony of the international Golden Trezzini contest took place in Saint Petersburg. The “Solomon Yudovin. Siege Graphics from the Russian Museum and Evgeny Gerasimov’s Collections” has received a Golden Diploma in the category Best Implemented Project of a Temporary or a Permanent Museum Exhibition. We thank the Interform Design company for cooperation.
Book for the anniversary of the XXX years of the architectural workshop "Evgeny Gerasimov and partners"
Between modern and neo-Russian style
A fragment from the monograph "Architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky", provided by the Charity Fund for Support of Culture and Art DICTUM FACTUM: Evgeny and Yulia Gerasimov.
The first monograph about the architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky
The first monograph about the architect Dmitry Andreevich Kryzhanovsky (1871-1942)
Tatlin Plan #29. Nevskaya Ratusha
Новый выпуск Tatlin plan подробно рассказывает историю одного из наиболее масштабных проектов, реализованного за последние годы в центральной части Петербурга.
Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners. 1991-2016
Tatlin Plan #22. Residental complex at Kovensky lane
Tatlin Mono #13
Ретроспектива работ мастерской «Евгений Герасимов и партнеры» с 1992 по 2008 год.