The first monograph about the architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky


​On December 22nd 2021 a presentation of the book by Alexander Chepel «Architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky» was held in the Bronze Hall of the Architect House. The publication was carried out on the initiative and with the financial support of the Charity Fund for Support of Culture and Art DICTUM FACTUM: Evgeny and Yulia Gerasimov.

The first monograph about the architect Dmitry Andreevich Kryzhanovsky (1871-1942) contains a biography, a description of the architectural heritage of the Art Nouveau period (1897-1910), the retrospective period (1910-1917), the Soviet period (1918-1942), a catalogue of all the architect’s projects and buildings, bibliography, name index. Project materials and documents stored in collections of archives and museums of Saint Petersburg, Vologda and Pskov are presented in the book.

Drawings, photos of exteriors and interiors, shots taken with Quadcopter by Ivan Smelov, Viktor Savik and Sergei Vesnin make for a vivid overview of this edition.  

The catalogue includes:

- more than 90 buildings constructed by Dmitry Kryzhanovsky in Petersburg-Leningrad and other cities of Russia and abroad;

- more than 50 different construction works of smaller scale (outbuildings, repairs, renovations, etc.);

- about 30 unimplemented projects (including competitive designs) executed independently and co-authored. 


It is possible to purchase the edition Architect Dmitry Kryzhanovsky by A. I. Chepel (St. Petersburg: «Propilei», 2021) in the architectural workshop «Evgeny Gerasimov and partners» 

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