Administrative and Residential Complex of the Supreme Court and Boris Eifman Dance Palace Buildings

Project Owners
Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation
14 Dobrolyubova prospect, Saint Petersburg
Plot Area
9 ha
Built-Up Area
5 ha
Gross Internal Area
224 600 sq. m
The Supreme Court Building
93 000 sq. m
The Judicial Department Building
22 000 sq. m
Residential Complex Building
76 000 sq. m
The Dance Palace Building
33 000 sq. m
Head of the Authors Team
Evgeny Gerasimov
Chief Project Architect
Project manager: Maria Orlova-Sheiner
The Supreme Court Building
V. Khivrich (Chief Architectural Project Manager)
I. Minniev, E. Osipova (Leaders of the Architects Groups)
O. Golovko, I. Filimonova, A. Gvozdik (Senior Architects), A. Kuznetsov, A. Kochukov, I. Khukhka, A. Borodina, A. Soloviev, I. Priporov, E. Martynyuk

Judicial Department Building
A. Yudin (Chief Architectural Project Manager)
O. Olshanskaya (Leader of the Architects Group), N. Shabalin, V. Makhmudov, P. Pokhalchuk, E. Yananets, M. Gubaidullina, A. Vagner, A. Polovinkina

Residential Complex Building
Z. Petrova, O. Kaverin (Chief Architectural Project Managers):
A. Orlov, D. Zaitsev (Leaders of the Architects Group), E. Reznikova, I. Bakhorina, N. Lavrentieva, I. Savchenko, D. Tolstova, N. Palnikova, M. Borisyuk, E. Lukanina, A.V. Lesnikova

Interiors of the The Supreme Court Building and the Judicial Department
V. Dashkov (Leader of the Architects Group), A. Popravko, L. Monich, I. Agapova, V. Molchanova, M. Kuznetsov

The Dance Palace Building - SPEECH
S. Choban, A. Perlich (heads), A. Khmelenina (Chief Architectural Project Manager), A. Abramov, L. Belashova
Chief Structural Engineer
Margarita Reznichenko
Structural Engineers
D. Astapchik (Deputy Chief Structural Engineer), Yu. Ilyina, D. Grigoriev (Leaders of the Structural Engineers Group), .A. Dvurechensky, A. Smirnova, A. Bogdanov, E. Panteleeva, M. Koksharova, P. Kultyshev, S. Nenashev, M. Elizariev, A. Balakina, T. Kasumov, T. Lebedeva, E. Vygodina, S. Perepelkin, E. Pastushkova, V. Antonov
General Layout
E. Kuznetsova, A. Titova
Chief Project Utility Engineer
A. Akimov, A. Taborsky
Architectural Model


In 2019, the development of design documentation was completely completed, and work was underway on the site on the zero cycle. Despite this, the government decided to abandon the construction of the Court Quarter - they decided to give the territory for the Tuchkov Buyan park. Another international competition was held. As of June 2021, the future of Vatny Island continues to be hazy.

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References in Media
Tuchkov Buoyan and the Court
For a week the people of St. Petersburg have been concerned by the cancellation of the project "park Tuchkov buoyan". In the absence of any reliable official information, we talked about the situation to the architects working on the park and the judicial quarter - Nikita Yaveyn and Yevgeny Gerasimov.
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