​Transforming the Grey Belt

Project Owners
Government of Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
nps tchoban voss, SPEECH
Head of the Authors Team
Evgeny Gerasimov, Sergey Tchoban
Anna Kutilina, Anastasia Lakrisenko


The international architecture and urban-planning contest for an approach to transformation of the southern part of Saint-Petersburg’s historical industrial/residential area, or the «grey belt» of the city.

The contest assignment comprised two parts. The participants had to present their approach to space planning development of a plot of about 4,000 ha (almost 10,000 acres) located between the Ekateringofka river in the west and the Neva river in the east. Within these boundaries, three «pilot» plots were designated, of about 100 ha (250 acres) each. As a result of drawing lots, the area of the Frantsuzsky Kovsh blind canal was assigned to the Workshops consortium as the contest project area. The resulting design has won the 1st place in the contest.

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